Friday, December 09, 2005

Thinking of You

The following I started to write as a 'Thinking of You' type greeting card. It didn't quite turn out as expected. I can't really see anyone actually sending this to an individual. Nevertheless here it is.

I'm thinking of you today
And of things that could never be
Of words I could never say
Words I hold inside of me

Am I your friend, or is there more
That I see in your eyes
In the gentle touch of your hands
And the sweetness of your smile?

Do you know I wonder, can you tell
Whenever I find you near
How my heart trembles inside of me
And I'm sure its not with fear?

If only I could reach out my hands
And draw you close to me
And feel your heartbeat next to mine
Beating in harmony.

Impossible, these dreams I know
They could never come true
But still I find myself ...
Thinking of you.

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