Friday, November 10, 2006

What I've Been Up To

Sorry I haven't been in touch. There was a whole lot of drama with the moving thing because we couldn't get anywhere to go and the owners were getting hostile. But God worked it out on the very last day we had to move. I had until 5 pm the afternoon to hand over the keys to the house and found a place around 12.30 the very day. I tell you, God is so good! That was the 1st of November so since then we've been settling in and right now i have no phone therefore no internet. TSTT says it will take about 30 days to transfer our telephone line so this situation may be for awhile (However will i survive?!). I'm at an internet cafe now (my first time!) trying to catch up. I just posted The Cubicle Next Door post so I'm glad I got to do that. Something went very wrong with my FIRST post but I couldn't fix it because the computer I used at that time was not showing any of the blogger toolbars (I had already disconnected my phone in anticipation of moving) so I humbly apologise for that. I hope all is well with everyone and I will try to check back in soon.

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