Thursday, November 10, 2005

Real Men

Travelling home yesterday I saw these words written on the rear window of a maxi-taxi, “Real men seek the Lord”. Well, duh, you might say but I think that the author of these sentiments had a valid message. As far as I can tell there are more women in the church than men. Does this mean that it’s easier for women to get saved than men? If so, why? This lead me to thinking about the authority that God has placed in man. Does it make it harder to submit to God? God’s order of the family is Himself first, the husband and then the wife. Do women find it easier to submit to God than men do as a result? I know there are probably other factors that would affect this decision but I’m just thinking here.

Nevertheless there really is something special about a man that is able to put away pride and allow the Lord to direct his life. He takes his example from Jesus who despite His own authority submitted himself to the will of the Father. And hey, what god-loving, god-fearing, Holy-Ghost-filled single girl wouldn’t want that?

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