Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year, New Beginning

It’s a new year. I did say I would not make any new resolutions this year seeing as I’ve so little to show (in my own estimation) for the year past. I still don’t know how to drive, have yet to read the entire Bible and have gotten caught up in mistakes I swore never to make again. Resolutions? Not for me.

However, I have reconsidered. I think it would help to have something to work towards and if I fail… well at least I tried and did not just wander aimlessly along to end up nowhere. So here goes:

From yesteryear
1. I can’t get close enough to God so hopefully the close of this year will find me in a closer relationship with my Father
2. read the bible (I am beginning a ‘bible in a year’ program but I am not holding myself to the finishing of it – I will be satisfied with just spending more quality time in the Word)
overcome sins that so easily beset (impossible by myself but with God all things are possible)
3. learn to drive (important - I hate public transport and need a car)

New possibilities
4. Ministry – I haven’t been involved in much work in church because of my schooling but that’s over now and I want to get more involved in the work of ministry.
5. Writing - been torturing myself with ifs, buts and maybes for months now. This year I will put pen to paper and seriously try – what the worse that could happen?
6. Business – have been exploring a business idea for the past 2 months or so. It may not be possible right now but it can’t hurt to have all my facts and figures in place.

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