Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What I’ve been up to

Not much really. Working hard. Getting my life back in order (New Year and all that). Just finished reading James Patterson’s Honeymoon (2005). It was so good I went to the library and found another of his books I hadn’t read yet (1st to die) and that, dare I say it, was even better. I must I admit that while I didn’t figure out whodunit in the beginning of the book, (1st to die: kudos to Patterson) I didn’t fall for those false clues cleverly planted in the script. So I did discover whodunit before it was actually revealed. Yep. *Plucks imaginary suspenders* I’m feeling pret-ty proud of me :D


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Shelley said...

I've listened to some of his books on cd this past summer at work. They were good I must say. I don't often figure out til close to the end (if I do at all) at who the suspect really is...though I know it's never typically the one they are always looking for...the "obvious" suspect.