Monday, April 10, 2006

God is good

Today was a good day for me. I ministered in church for the second time in about three weeks. This time my voice didn’t tremble as much and I felt more comfortable with the congregation. It may seem a strange thing to say but I had fun. I think it’s because I was comfortable enough to be myself and attempt one or two jokes (yes, successfully). The brethren were very encouraging and I really thank God for the encouragement.

Not that you asked but the message was on Luke 15: the story of the prodigal son. The emphasis however was on the importance of doing things in God’s timing. The son was not mature enough to handle his inheritance and when he received it he squandered it till he had nothing. As children of God when we go out of God’s plan and season for our lives we mess it up and can find ourselves like the younger son, in a far off country, away from our father, with nothing. So it's important to understand where God has us now and what he requires of us so we don't mess it up.

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