Wednesday, August 30, 2006

“But I have prayed …” (Luke 22:31-32 Pt2)

My sister Venieca got her CXC results today. For the uninformed, in the Carbbean, this is something akin to the American High School Diploma. Passing five subjects is considered a ‘full certificate’. She wrote seven subjects and passed all, gaining distinctions in some subjects. We are so proud of her. She was so happy and excited that she couldn’t wait to get to church to testify of God’s goodness to her. One subject in particular, ‘Principles of Accounts’, she was quite sure she had failed.

What does this have to do with the scripture quoted above? I was impressed by my sister’s eagerness to attribute her success to God. Do we always do that? Acknowledge God for his participation in our triumphs, be they in life, business or our spiritual walk?

In Luke 22:31-32 Jesus tells the disciples that the devil has desired to sift them as wheat. His next words were “But I have prayed that thy faith fail not…” When our lives are surrendered to Christ He is always acting on our behalf (Romans 8:26, 27, 34). As I read them, these words are a great comfort to me because they tell me that Christ is interceding on my behalf. You see, to me what the Lord is saying goes something like this, “Listen Simon, your enemy the devil wants to test/tempt you. He will get his chance but don’t worry. I have already prayed and dealt with the situation.” (KNV – Kell-Ann’s New Version).

Hallelujah! God has dealt with our situations. I was talking here about things happening in the spiritual that we don’t always know about but we see their effects in the natural. God is always working for us, fighting our battles and so forth. So when we receive blessings and we are victorious in different areas of our lives, we should do as my sister did and thank God because sometime in the past He has prayed…


Shelley said...

Congratulations to your sister!

Cool Mama said...

Last year, my oldest daughter graduated from a public highschool here in Canada. I was blessed and amazed at how many of those kids gave thanks to God for getting them thru highschool and blessing them with good friends. It is very impacting to hear that coming from high school graduates! So..way to go for your sister! And congratulations!!