Monday, August 21, 2006

More Than The Eye Can See (Luke 22:31-32 Pt 1)

I am studying Luke 22:31-32 at the moment and one of the first things that hit me was the fact that there really is a natural world and a spiritual world. Jesus is saying to Peter in Luke 22:31 that Satan has desired him to sift him as wheat. This didn’t happen in the natural but in the spiritual. The fact of the matter is that things are happening in the spiritual all the time. Usually, we don’t know about them but we experience their effects. If Job were here he could testify to this. A big mistake we make is to take things that happen to us at face value without questioning their true origins or rather without understanding that a lot of things that occur in the natural are the outcomes of battles fought in the spiritual.

I’m reminded right now of the story where I think it was Daniel had prayed and God had sent his angel with the answer but he (the angel) was delayed when he had to battle the devil that had come up against him. Daniel would not have known of this had not the angel told him upon his arrival. Most times the battles that are fought in the spirit realm for our blessings and deliverance, etc., we are not privy to. This is another reason why we must ALWAYS keep our faith and trust in the Lord because we know that no matter what happens he is on our side.

We must also understand that we too fight battles in the spirit realm. And whether we win or lose there determines our actions in the natural. For example when we are tempted our spirit man resists the devil in the spirit but if he (our spirit man) is not strong enough to withstand the attack of the devil then we lose the battle and see the effects in the natural. Sin is a good example of this happening. So we must keep up our spiritual strength by staying in prayer and in the word.

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