Saturday, August 26, 2006


Today is my sister Venieca's birthday. She's seventeen. Seems like just yesterday she was a little scrap of a thing running around and getting on my nerves :D.

Now she's all grown up (almost) and spending hours on the phone talking to the enemy - cough- um- I mean, boys.

Happy Birthday sweetheart. I hope the day was great for you. Stay as sweet as you are always. I'm off to polish my shotgun. Have a goodnight.


Cool Mama said...

Hey Kelly....just dropped in as I was reading some CWOL blogs. (I'm a mom of 5 in Canada - we pastor a church here!) Loved so many of your blogs that I read! You sound like you have such a big heart for 'family' - way to go!I'll be dropping in again! blessings!

Kelly said...

Hi Cool Mama, thanks for dropping by. You caught me. I really love my family and they play such a big part in my life. Please visit again :D