Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dark Hour by Ginger Garrett

Dark Hour is the first in the Serpent Moon trilogy by Ginger Garrett. Dark Hour is based on the story of Athaliah, daughter of Jezebel and her desire to rule which leads to vicious attempts to eliminate the House of David. Only a remnant of people serve the true God while most of the others in the kingdom find themselves seduced by Athaliah, her gods and her promises of peace. Athaliah surrenders to the dark side with the shed of innocent blood and heartless betrayal of her own family but a thread of hope remains as God goes about keeping his covenant with His people.

Dark Hour is steeped in such vivid imagery that you will clearly envision Jehoshebeth walking the dusty streets of Judah or navigating the stone corridors of Solomon’s Palace. Besides the great story this was one of the things I enjoyed most about this book; it was so wonderfully written. Look forward to the second part in this trilogy Midnight Throne to be released in September 2007.



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Cool Mama said...

hey Kelly...what happened to the 'insert' from the book you were highlighting?? I went back into your blog to read it and show it to one of my daughters and it was gone - any reason! Now I'm itching to read more! So...How are you doing by the way?? Everything going ok?? Been thinking about you this weekend for some reason, and saying a couple of extra prayers for you!~

Cool Mama said...

Hey...I checked out the "italian blog' listed in the first comment! And yup! It's ALL in italian!..but looks pretty safe. The 'guy' or 'gal' must love soccor!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the prayers. I really needed it. This was a tough weekend for me. Thank God when we get through our testing times it only makes us stronger. We’re still looking for a new place to live but I believe it will all work.out for the best. As for the chapter insert I see it there now so blogger was probably giving trouble when you checked. Thanks again for keeping me in prayer.
God bless