Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Disappointing news tonight. My family has until the end October to move from our current home (it’s rented) and we thought we had found the ideal place, close to the children’s schools and the church but we did not we learned tonight that someone else has gotten the place. Right now we don’t have many other options and those we have are apartments. I don’t really like the idea of living in an apartment so we’re hoping something else comes up. I told myself that all things work together for good and I’m holding on to that but I’m still feeling very disappointed. Incidentally (or not) we started studying Hebrews 11 in Bible study tonight (I got the news just before the servie) and as you will know the first verse of this chaper deals with faith. Was God trying to tell me something with this timely word? I think so, so I'm going to trust Him to work this out for me.

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