Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Feeling Refreshed

Today we had a day of prayer and fasting as a church and our deliverance service tonight. It was awesome; we searched some scriptures; promises of God in the Word, claimed them as our own and prayed for ourselves, our church, our families and our country. Many were in tears as we cried out in the presence of the Lord. Personally, I feel refreshed. Strengthened. Forgiven. Things I felt were getting the better of me I feel better equipped to handle. Like a cool glass of water on a lonely dessert road, I feel refeshed. Encouraged. Hopeful. Thank you Jesus for that.

P.S. I was thinking today about the house situation today and I remembered a few years ago when we were looking for a bigger place to live after I had gotten a promotion at work (believe it or not at the time seven of us were living in a two-bedroom house. We had found this ideal (in our minds) place to live only to be turned down by the owners. I remember crying at the time because I felt the reason she gave was not reasonable and I felt cheated but God worked it out so we got a nicer place for less money! If He did it once He can do it again!

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Cool Mama said...

Hey Kelly...keep remembering the times God has worked on your behalf and you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to believe for Him to work again! If He's supplied a house for you before, I'm sure He's not run out of them will join my prayers with yours that the new place will come to you! ( It's for your dad right??) Anyways...our Father loves us extravagantly..and a new place ot live...not a problem!