Sunday, September 18, 2005

Holding Your Position

The message of the preacher today was “Holding Your Position”. Recently I’ve asked God ‘what now?’ I’ve more or less finished my diploma in Christian ministry and wanted to know what the Lord would have me to do at this point. The Lord says ‘my sheep know my voice and another they will not follow’. Today when the minister introduced the title of her message, I knew that I knew that the Lord had answered my prayer. He reminded me of the time when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness after the Holy Ghost had descended upon Him. After such an experience one would probably expect Him to immediately go out and work signs and wonders among the people but He was lead by the Spirit into the wilderness. It’s not that I’m expecting a wilderness experience because the Lord knows, been there and done that but I think maybe a time where God expects me to keep in prayer and meditation of His Word no matter what, to stand firm in the midst of the testing that will surely come and believe Him for the great things He has promised. I pray the Lord that He will find me faithful, as I stand on His word and resist the wiles of the devil.



Yvonne said...

A message that I need to hear. Stand firm and wait, sometimes hard to do, but God is faithful.


Jacky said...

Hi Kelly,
Just noticed your blog under a signature. I will bookmark it. Just started my own on here.

love Jacky

Jacky ( faithwriters

Shelley said...

Very encouraging post and reminder that God's plan for us happens in His time and not ours. Sometimes He will use us right away, other times we need to wait and prepare for something.

BTW, found my way here through the Walking On Water blog; I'll be back to visit again.