Saturday, September 10, 2005

Praise the Lord!

I got the results for my final year BSc exams in the mail yesterday. I passed! Woo-hoo! So I must give God thanks since I prayed so hard that I would not have to repeat any subjects next year. The past three years were hard enough, juggling two programmes I decided I could do part-time - the BSc and a diploma in Christian ministry, work and church activities (what was I thinking?). Anyway, God is so good in that He kept me sane in the midst of it all and answered my prayer. It's funny I thought I'd feel different somehow, maybe smarter? but I'm still me. I think that's a good thing?! I'm looking forward to seeing where God will lead me now that I have more time to make available for Him. So,

Thank you Lord, this I pray
For your many blessings today
Indeed in You I've put my trust
And the results have been glorious!

I love you Jesus

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