Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fall Into Reading Challenge

I was scrolling through the Thursday Thirteen posts when I came upon the Fall into Reading Challenge on Blessed Beyond Measure. Being a reading addict/junkie/fanatic (take your pick) of course I decided to join. I mostly read fiction so for me the real challenge would be to finish the non-fiction books on my list.

The challenge originated from Callapidder Days and you can find out more about the challenge and how you can join here.

Below is my list

1. Cover to Cover (Through the Bible as it happened) – Selwyn Hughes and Trevor J. Partridge
2. My Spiritual Inheritance – Juanita Bynum
3. Experiencing the Presence of God – Charles Finney
4. Captivated - John & Stasi Eldredge
5. The Believer’s Handbook – Lester Sumrall
6. Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller
7. Single, Sassy and Satisfied - Michelle McKinney Hammond


8. Return – Karen Kingsbury
9. Rejoice – Karen Kingsbury
10. Reunion – Karen Kingsbury
11. Violet Dawn – Brandilyn Collins
12. Violette Between – Alison Strobel
13. The Last Sin Eater – Francine Rivers
14. Unafraid – Francine Rivers
15. Dark Hour – Ginger Garrett
16. Coldwater Revival - Nancy Jo Jenkins
17. Fame - Karen Kingsbury


twiga92 said...

Great, great list! I absolutely LOVE Karen Kingsbury. Her Redemption series is fantastic. I hope you enjoy them!

Katrina said...

Looks like a great list! I'll look forward to reading your impressions of Violet Dawn - I've enjoyed several of Brandilyn's previous novels. Thanks for joining the list!

Cool Mama said...

Love your list of books - read many of them myself! I did a similar thing this summer - would not allow myself to buy another book, til I finished the '3' I was working on ( I tend to read more than one book at a time) AND finished the stack on my night table! Ended up finally reading and finishing from cover to cover, some awesome books! go girl!

Susanne said...

That whole series by Karen Kingsbury is one of my all time favorites. Last Sin Eater is very interesting, too! Happy Reading