Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sacred and Ordinary

One of the most important things I hold sacred is my relationship with God. On reading this week’s quote I tried to reconcile the statement of the writer. How can something be sacred and ordinary at the same time? This lead me into thinking about my present relationship with God and what I would really like it to be. In so doing the words ‘sacred’ and ‘ordinary’ capture the very essence of my desire.

I want the type of relationship where I am always in His presence. When I say in His presence I don’t mean the outer court or the inner court but the very Holiest of Holies. To me that’s sacred. And I don’t want to be in that place once a year like the High Priest of Old Testament times but I want this to be the norm in my life. My status quo so to speak; my ‘everyday’ experience with God. I think too that heaven will be like this. Imagine the reality of walking with God in His fullness everyday. I want my little piece of heaven down here though while I wait for the totality that is to come.

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