Thursday, September 14, 2006

We Ting Wednesday

A Taste of Trini Tongue

Like all people we have our own dialect or slang that is unique to our particular culture. Supposedly we're speaking the Queen’s English but really, we more often than not, write the Queen’s English and speak something else entirely. These are just some words we use that are not strictly 'English'.

Allyuh – what we really mean to say is all of you

Ent? – translated: isn’t that so? Or don’t you think so?

Harden – means willfully disobedient. Lots of little children and teenagers have heard this one. For example, a mother of rebellious children, at the end of her rope may exclaim, “Why allyuh children (pronounced chirren) harden so?”

fas – inquisitive, nosy, prying,. When someone calls you ‘fast’ it means it means you goin’ too far up in de people business.

frontish – always wanting to be the center of attention

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