Friday, September 15, 2006

Squat by Taylor Field

Jesus said, “…the poor you have with you always…”. In Squat, the new release of Taylor Field and current feature of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, we are thrust into the lives of ‘the forgotten ones’, people that we walk pass and ignore daily or dismiss by the toss of a coin.

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In the shadow of Wall Street’s wealth, homeless citizens with names like Squid, Saw, and Bonehead live in abandoned buildings known as "squats" where life is hand to mouth, where fear and violence fester. The light in lovable Squid’s obsessive-compulsive mind’s eye is Rachel, a loving soup kitchen missionary who tells him about faith and unfaith, hypocrisy and justice, the character of God and finding identity in Him.

But among the squats and so many other abandoned lives, will such talk be enough to make Squid believe that his life may actually amount to something?

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Bonnie Calhoun said...

Very good, you go girlfriend!

Squat has remained as the #2 book on Technorati's popular book list for the last three days!!!

CFBAers rock!

Rod Hayward said...

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I came across your Blog while doing research for our upcomming vacation to Tobago. I thought it important to let you know, you have touched another persons heart.
Thank You

Kelly said...

Thanks Bonnie. And Rod, thanks for stopping by I'll be sure to check you out on myspace. You're going to love Tobago!

Kelly said...

P.S. Rod knowing that I've been a blessing to you in some way has really my day. Thanks for sharing.